August 18, 2009 second Pakistan update

On August 17, 2009, attorneys for ADVOCATES INTERNATIONAL (AI), the JUBILEE CAMPAIGN and the PAKISTAN CENTER FOR LAW & JUSTICE, following up on AI's August 11 press release, met with representatives of the Pakistan government to deliver a letter to the Ambassador of Pakistan requesting a transparent investigation and prosecution of all perpetrators involved in the recent burning of Christian churches, the dismissal of all pending blasphemy complaints on the grounds they are both unfounded and unconstitutional, and the abolishment of the Pakistan's blasphemy laws on the grounds that they are unconstitutional as applied, unworkable and counter- productive to any lawful purpose for which they were originally promulgated.



Advocates International and Jubilee Campaign Plead with Pakistan to End the Unlawful Impunity, Police Brutality and Religious Persecution Caused by its Blasphemy Laws
Washington, DC— In the shocking light of the horrific police torture and falsely alleged “suicide” in police custody of a falsely accused Pakistani Christian, Fanish Robert, this past week in the Punjab Province of Pakistan, Advocates International and the Jubilee Campaign USA again join many other in the international community urging Pakistan to end the impunity, police brutality and religious persecution caused by its blasphemy laws by immediately suspending all blasphemy arrests and prosecutions and abolishing its unjust blasphemy laws.

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Staying within this one evangelical church is both advantageous and disadvantageous to developing a theological framework. As I remember, the word theology never came up as the church was more interested in how to apply Biblical standards to every day life. One year of high school Sunday School focused on the Evangelical Free Churches of America's Statement of Faith but we only focused on how to apply those theological statements to our lives and not how they came to be or why they mattered. Looking back over this time, the main thing that I notice is the emphasis on the individual and not the community.

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