AI Decries the Sectarian Violence in Nigeria and Announces its Justice for Jos Project

CLASFON, the Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria, joins with Advocates International to form an on-going project -The Justice for Jos Project to provide humanitarian and legal assistance to the survivors of the unprovoked attacks and monitoring

AI Files Amicus Brief Supporting Freedom of Expression, Religion and Association in CLS v. Martinez

Supreme Court poised to decide whether a state non-discrimination policy constitutes a discriminatory and unconstitutional deprivation of law students rights of free expression, religion and association


WASHINGTON, DC Today, in support of Christian Legal Society’s opening brief in the case, Advocates International (AI) filed its amicus curiae (‘friend of the court’) brief with the U.S. Supreme Court. AI is asking the Court to defend the First Amendment rights of expression, religion and association by overturning the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' unpublished decision in Christian Legal Society v. Kane, which allowed University of California Hastings College of the Law to forbid its chapter of the Christian Legal Society to organize around shared religious and cultural beliefs. AI’s brief, which was one of 22 amicus briefs filed in support of reversing the Ninth Circuit’s decision, uniquely advised the Court that international law and applicable foreign law all weigh in favor of reversing the judgment below.

AI Calls on the Chinese Government To Follow its Constitution and Laws by Ending its Unlawful Detention of Gao Zhiseng

Advocates International, ChinaAid and Jubilee Campaign Urge the  Peoples Republic of China to free world-renowned human rights advocate, Gao Zhiseng, or tell the world where he is and why he is being coercively detained in violation of Chinese law.

Washington, DC— Earlier today, on the one-year anniversary of Gao’s disappearance, Freedom Now partnered with international human rights specialists Jerome A. Cohen, Irwin Cotler MP, David Matas, and David Kilgour to file a petition with the UN WORKING GROUP ON INVOLUNTARY DISAPPEARANCES.

The petition informs the UN Working Group of the violations of Criminal Procedure in Gao’s case and requests immediate assistance from the UN in ascertaining the whereabouts and condition of Gao Zhisheng. (See Freedom Now’s petition and press release.)

When Sex & Islam Trump Everything Else!

By Samuel E. Ericsson, Founder & President


May 2010,
Dear Friend,
Some book titles say it all. The title of J.B. Phillip’s classic, Your God Is Too Small!”  sums up the message. You don’t need to read the book. Likewise, Ray Comfort’s Nothing Created Everything: The Scientific Impossibility of Atheistic Evolution spends 221 pages showing that nothing created everything. When I spoke to 400 law students and professors in Sao Paulo, Brazil in March, I offered a $10,000 award to anyone who could prove beyond any doubt that nothing created everything. I’m still waiting for someone to take me up on my offer.
The Naked Public Square: Religion and Democracy in America by Richard John Neuhaustraces the devastating consequences of secularization on American society where Secularism dominates the public square and people of faith stay out. The secularist wants religion kept private – in the home and under the steeple. And religious people played along. But when you create a societal spiritual vacuum, new values and worldviews will fill the space.
THE OLD CHURCH-STATE DEBATE: When the Ericssons moved to the Washington, DC area in 1980 to plant the flag for Christian Legal Society (CLS) and direct its Center for Law & Religious Freedom, the church-state debate was largely between two camps:
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