February 99

February 23, 1999

Dear Friends,

On occasion, reporting too much good news can be bad news. Let me explain.

In October, we shared the exciting results of hosting 51 internationals from 26 countries. It was good news.

In the November newsletter, "Sweeter As the Years Go By", I shared the powerful experience of attending my first church service in Beijing, China. It was good news.

In December, we reported the results from 1998, our best year ever. It was good news.

January 99


January 25, 1999

Dear Friend,

In the past few days, we have received reports of encouraging results from our colleagues in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe:

¨ On December 23, the Bulgarian government registered a Campus Crusade ministry in that Balkan nation. Our Rule of Law Institute, led by Latcho Popov, spearheaded this effort for four years. We hope this will open the door for many other ministries.


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