July 01

July 23, 2001

Dear Friends,


June 01

June 1, 2001

Dear Friends,

Advocates International is celebrating its 10th Anniversary! When we started this adventure on June 1, 1991, our checking account was empty.

3,653 days later. . .

* After 180,000 hours of staff work at an average cost of $11 per hour, plus thousands of hours of donated services by lawyers and judges;
* After more than two million miles of staff and board travel to 50 countries and bringing 300 lawyers, judges, and national leaders from 75 nations to the U.S.;

March 01


March 26, 2001

Dear Friend,

February 01

February 11, 2001

Dear Friend,

Forty-eight years ago today, February 11, 1953, my family entered New York City's harbor by ship as immigrants from Sweden. I still remember seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. I was eight years old. My adventure in America was about to begin.

January 01





December 00


December 13, 2000

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your investment in our ministry in prior years. Without any doubt, year 2000 was our most exciting and productive year by far. Your gifts have enabled us to have a global impact that will continue to bear fruit in the new millennium.

November 00


November 20, 2000

Dear Friend,

A Thanksgiving for All Seasons shares highlights from our Third International Convocation. We believe that the brief reports and stories will encourage you. We thank our supporters for their gifts and prayers that enabled us to sponsor this significant event.

June 00


June 1, 2000

Subject: The Esther & Nehemiah Project

Dear Friend,

May 00


May, 2000

Dear Friend,

You can see the breadth and depth of our global mission in TEAM 2000 --- HIGHLIGHTS FROM AN ACTIVE NETWORK. There were several co/incidents this past month that reconfirms the Authorship of His-story in our work. Let me share a few.

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