January 02

The Power of 3

31 = 3
Our three full-time staff at Advocates' home office in Fairfax, Virginia:
Director of Administration, Lourdes Pisciotti (born in Guam),
International Program Coordinator, Romi Kabayashi (born in Japan)
and CEO Sam Ericsson (born in Sweden.)

32 = 9
We have nine other full-time staff in offices on four continents:
Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

33 = 27
Our total global full and part-time staff and consultants,
plus Advocates' Board of Directors

34 = 81
In addition to our global staff and Board, Advocates International works
alongside leaders of eight regional networks in Africa, Asia, Australia,
Caribbean, Europe, India, Latin America and North America.

35 = 243
In 2002, at least 243 lawyers, judges and national leaders globally
contributed their time, talent and treasure enabling Advocates'
programs and activities to move from ideas to reality.

36 = 729
Over the past twelve months, at least 729 U.S.-based donors supported
Advocates International through their gifts. In essence,
it takes two donors per day - small and large - to enable
our global network.

37 = 2,187
At least 2,187 lawyers, judges and national leaders participated in
Advocates International's programs in 2002, up from 46 in 1998.

38 = 6,561
Advocates International hopes to link in 2003 at least 6,561 lawyers, judges
and national leaders through weekly national, regional and global e-mail
Prayer Calendars sharing ideas, activities, challenges,
victories and needs.

39 = 19,683
There are at least 19,683 Christian lawyers, judges and
national leaders linked indirectly through national lawyer groups' directories and data-bases.

3¥ = The Trinity
All of the above are empowered by our Father,
His Son and the Holy Spirit.
Thank you, God!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13