February 99

February 23, 1999

Dear Friends,

On occasion, reporting too much good news can be bad news. Let me explain.

In October, we shared the exciting results of hosting 51 internationals from 26 countries. It was good news.

In the November newsletter, "Sweeter As the Years Go By", I shared the powerful experience of attending my first church service in Beijing, China. It was good news.

In December, we reported the results from 1998, our best year ever. It was good news.

In January, we shared great results from Bulgaria, China, Mongolia, and Uganda -- plus our two new part-time staff, Wally Cheney and Lynn Buzzard - but we slipped in some "bad news" from Nepal. We also reported that 1998 ended financially just slightly in the black. And then we shared the Agenda for 1999. It was full of good challenges.

After sharing good news for four months, I'm afraid that many of you concluded that we have no financial needs. So,I must break the bad news. The giving in the first two months of 1999 has been the lowest since 1994.

We will never manipulate you nor resort to reporting "bad news" for the sake of raising funds. But you need to know the truth -- things are extremely lean at Advocates at this time. If each person receiving this letter gives $35, we would cover the $38,500 shortfall we have experienced in the first two months of 1999. Any gift that you can send right away will be great news to our staff and to the ministries overseas who depend on our support as we continue....

Living in His-story,

Samuel E. Ericsson

P.S. Wally Cheney suggested that we send along a ransom note with words cut from newspapers stating that I had been kidnapped. The staff scrapped that idea, fearing a total cutoff in giving.