Christian lawyers Rodolfo Juárez and Uxmal Livio Díaz attended the Second Latin American Christian Lawyers Convocation in San José, Costa Rica in 2002. As leaders of the Cuban Christian Legal Fellowship (Confraternidad Cristiana de Juristas de Cuba – CCJC), they organized the fellowship especially to provide encouragement to Christian lawyers and offer pro-bono services to people in need.


Given the many challenges that our colleagues face, especially in terms of economic and visa limitations, our Cuban colleagues have not been able to participate in all of the ALA/RLAAC regional convocations. They however have remained very involved with the development of our Network.


Today, our Cuban colleagues are mostly involved in helping churches and Christian organizations comply with the government’s requirements to perform their activities. They continue to provide pro bono services for the poor and coordinate the import of Christian books that are donated to churches in Cuba from abroad.


While most of CCJC activities take place in Havana, the capital city, CCJC also has members in other provinces of the country.


The current officers of CCJC/Cuba are Livian Gonzalez, Board Chairperson; Uxmal Livio Díaz, Vice-Chair; and Georgina Ortega, Secretary of the Board.


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