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AI Board member and Global Council officer, Ruth Ross, serves as the Executive Director of the Christian Legal Fellowship. She leads AI’s Global Task Force on the Family. The battles for freedom, faith and family have never been more intense than today. Recently a church in Calgary lost its charitable status because of its pro-life and pro-family advocacy. 

During February 18-21, 2010 the annual CLF Law Student Conference was held at the University of Ottawa.  The theme was “DIVINE PERSPECTIVE:  Set Your Mind on Things Above.”  AI President, Sam Ericsson, spoke on “The Forgotten Factors of Life & Law” sub-titled “What C-A-N-A-D-A means to me.”  C = Chance or design? A = Acknowledge Jesus as liar, lunatic or Lord; N = Never owner, always steward; A = Apply the Golden Rule at every opportunity (Matt 7:12); D = Do a few things well; A = Attitude trumps aptitude.

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