Four delegates from Uruguay participated in the third Convention for Latin American Christian Lawyers (III CLAC) that took place in August 2003 in San Jose, Costa Rica. After this meaningful event, they returned to their country to form the Legal Institute of Uruguay (Instituto Jurídico Cristiano, Uruguay - IJC/Uruguay) which was launched in late 2004. Today there are over 30 Christian lawyers, judges, professors and students who participate in IJC activities. While their activities take place mostly in Montevideo, the capital city, their members belong to several provinces of the country, including Canelones and Rivera. The AAAC holds a national conference annually in the capital city.


Some of the major challenges facing Uruguay include attacks by secularists who actively undermine the biblical values of family and the sanctity of life. IJC/ Uruguay has hosted many seminars and conferences in this areas as well as on conflict resolution, domestic violence and legal ethics.


One of the founders of IJC/Uruguay, Notary Public María Gianella Aloise, served as the President of ALA/RLAAC during 2008-2009 and is currently one of the Coordinators of the ALA/RLAAC Task Force on Defense of Life and Family.


IJC leader Rosana Guillen serves currently as one of the Coordinators of the ALA/RLAAC “Peace Sowers” Task Force on peaceful methods of conflict resolution. The current officers of IJC/Uruguay are María Gianella Aloise (Board Chairperson), Pablo Martínez Alvez, Rosana Guillén, Gerardo Amarilla and Leticia Zeballos.


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