The Christian Legal Society of Peru (Sociedad Jurídica Cristiana del Perú - SJC) was launched in January 2001 by four Peruvian lawyers. Today there are over 20 Christian lawyers, judges, professors and students who participate in SJC/Peru activities. SJC main activities take place in Lima, the capital city, but they have contacts in several provinces of the country. SJC/Peru holds a national conference biannually, and CLS/Peru has hosted several seminars on conflict resolution in cooperation with Peacemaker Ministries (USA).


In August 2001, in cooperation with Advocates International (AI), SJC/Peru hosted 100 delegates from 9 countries at the first Latin American Convention for Christian Lawyers that took place in Ica, Peru. At this regional conference, Advocates Latin America (ALA/RLAAC, according to its initials in Spanish) was founded. Today ALA/RLAAC has matured into a regional network linking 20 nations throughout Latin America.


Some of the major challenges facing Peru include poverty, corruption, intolerance and impunity for human rights violations. To address these issues, SJC/Peru works closely with some national organizations like Peace and Hope which has taken the lead in advocacy for those who suffer abuse and violations against their fundamental rights.


In June 2009, SJC/Peru, RLAAC and Advocates International appealed to the President and the Legislature of Peru on behalf of the indigenous people in the Amazon jungle who were severe threats and violence from the government due to a land conflict. Thanks to our advocacy and the intervention of many international groups around the world, the government desisted and sought dialog with the indigenous leaders.


One of the founders of SJC/Peru, Law Professor Nina Balmaceda, Ph.D. served as the President of ALA/RLAAC during 2001-2003 and was the coordinator and facilitator for the network in collaboration with AI during 2003 to 2009 during which time RLAAC hosted six regional conferences.


The presidents of SJC/Peru have been Nina Balmaceda (2001-2003); Carlos Carrasco (2003-2005); Alfonso Wieland (2005-2008), and Ana Maria Caro (2009). The current officers of SJC/Peru are Ana María Caro, Jorge Alzamora, and Rebeca Cuadros.

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