Vilma Lechado and Rafael Quinto attended the First Latin American Christian Lawyers Convocation in Ica, Peru, in 2001. Upon their return to Nicaragua, they organized the Christian Legal Society of Nicaragua (Sociedad Jurídica Cristiana de Nicaragua). In 2003, Christian lawyers Guadalupe Gómez and Melba Alguera also joined efforts and created the Nicaraguan Association of Christian Lawyers and Notaries (Asociación Nicaraguense de Abogados y Notarios Cristianos – ANANC) in the city of Managua.


These two groups continue to minister to Christian lawyers and the community. Some of the major challenges facing Nicaragua are poverty and corruption.


Our Nicaraguan colleagues are involved in pro-bono service to the poor and training activities on Christian conflict resolution, family law and domestic violence awareness.


The current leaders of the Christian lawyer movement in Nicaragua are Melba Alguera, Rafael Quinto, and Guadalupe Gómez.


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