El Salvador

Roberto Portillo attended the first three Latin American Christian Lawyers Convocation in Ica, Peru, in 2001. His colleagues Hugo Pineda, Silvia Morales de Martínez and María Sigüenza from the El Salvador Christian Lawyers Association (Asociación de Abogados Acercamiento Cristiano de El Salvador – ACAES) joined ALA/RLAAC at the Fourth Latin American Convention for Christian Lawyers that took place in Guatemala City in 2004. Since then, ACAES has remained very active in Christian lawyers’ ministry in El Salvador, serving the community and sharing the gospel.


Some of the major challenges facing El Salvador today include poverty, corruption, and impunity for human rights violations. To address these issues, ACAES/El Salvador has led several seminars on Christian ethics for judges and lawyers.


The current officers of FACE are Hugo Pineda, Board Chairperson, Silvia Martinez, Vice-Chair, and María Sigüenza, Board member.


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