Chilean attorneys Raúl Romero, Juan Alberto Rabah, Natalia Venegas, and Ana Maritza Opazo attended the First Latin American Christian Lawyers Convocation in Ica, Peru, in 2001. Upon their return to Chile, Raúl, Ana Maritza and Natalia worked hard to organize the Christian Legal Society (Sociedad Jurídica Cristiana – SJC/Chile) in Concepción, Chile’s second largest city.


Due to the increasing involvement of Raul Romero in local and national politics, other colleagues took up the challenge of leading the Christian lawyer movement in this Southern country. With the support of Juan Alberto Rabah and Raúl Romero, Christian attorneys Franz Möller, Carmen Gloria Moreira, and Stephan Schubert assumed leadership of the ALA/RLAAC Chilean Chapter in Santiago, the country’s capital city.


Some of the major challenges facing Chile include the negative aspects of prosperity, and Franz, Carmen Gloria and Stephan are investing great energy in motivating their colleagues to embrace the calling of God to integrate their Christian faith into their legal practice.

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