Three delegates from Argentina participated in the first Convention for Latin American Christian Lawyers in August 2001. After this impactful event, they returned to their country to form the Argentinean Association of Christian Lawyers (Asociación Argentina de Abogados Cristianos - AAAC) which was launched in early 2003. Today there are over 30 Christian lawyers, judges, professors and students who participate in AAAC activities. While their activities take place mostly in the Buenos Aires, the capital city, and La Plata, AAAC leaders have established contacts in several provinces of the country. The AAAC holds a national conference annually in the capital city.


Some of the major challenges facing Argentina include corruption, and attacks by a secular state and media on the traditional family and the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death. To address these issues, AAAC works closely with some national organizations and has taken the lead in advocacy for unborn children and proposals for improving the adoption system in the country.


One of the founders of the AAAC, attorney Carlos Alberto Galván, is currently serving as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Advocates Latin America (ALA/RLAAC).


The current officers of the AAAC are Enrique Vetere (President), Lidia García Torralba, and Marcelo Luda.


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