Advocates Senegal was established on 23 October 2007 and legally registered as an association on 20 September 2008. It is led by Joseph Nassakou. They currently have 22 members.

Advocates Senegal is particularly active in the area of the protection and defence of children’s rights. They work with the many street children in Dakar, and carry out activities to make the population aware of their rights to life, education and health. They also carry out reconciliation work between street children and their parents.

In the area of religious freedom, Advocates Senegal recently intervened when 10 churches were threatened, by the local authorities, with closure. Senegal is 95% Muslim. Although it has a secular Constitution, there is not really true freedom of worship. Whilst there is no overt physical persecution, moral persecution, accompanied by intimidation, is wide-spread.

Other areas in which the fellowship has been active include resolving conflicts between employees and their employers; helping 17 missionaries to obtain visas to stay in Senegal; helping to open 2 Christian hospitals in Dakar and helping Christian organisations with the legal aspects of purchasing land in Senegal and acquiring the proper land titles.

Advocates Senegal has several projects for the future: prison visits; the creation of a centre for street children (where they can receive meals, health care and a basic literacy); working in the area of establishing birth certificates and identity cards for street children, organising seminars on human rights and religious liberty issues; and providing legal aid to the poor.

Bad governance and corruption remain the big problems in Senegal.

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