The Network of Lawyers of Hope in Rwanda is an association of Christian lawyers which was founded in 2006 and currently has approximately 50 lawyers and 100 students in its membership. It is led by Vital Nsengiyumva. The association was granted provisional registration as an NGO in March 2008. Their application for full legal personality is ongoing.

The organisation seeks to reach out to the most vulnerable members of the society, in particular vulnerable children, prisoners and other needy people; to seek justice on their behalf; and to share with them Christ’s love and compassion.

Lawyers of Hope Rwanda organises bi-monthly fellowship meetings for all Christian lawyers in Rwanda to meet together for prayer and bible study, and there are student fellowship groups meeting at 3 of the 5 law schools in Rwanda.

In 2009, Lawyers of Hope Rwanda participated in Rwanda’s first legal aid week. Their lawyers delivered legal advice and assistance to over 400 prisoners and subsequently developed a funding proposal to work in 2 local prisons. They have recently been told that this proposal has been approved!

Project work for Lawyers of Hope commences in early 2010 and will include providing legal aid to prisoners and protecting child rights through legal education, advice and representation. The projects will operate in Kigali, where the office is based, however in the future it is hoped to extend the provision of legal aid and education into the rural areas.

Rwanda is now at peace, reconciliation continues and we thank God for all He is doing. Christians enjoy freedom of worship and expression. The country is working hard to alleviate poverty, which remains the biggest challenge.

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