The Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON) led by its President, C.A.J. Chinwo, is the oldest Christian lawyer fellowship in Africa, having been formed in 1979. Today CLASFON has over 2,000 members including judges, magistrates, law students and lawyers.

CLASFON has played a major role in helping define church/state relationships, promoting Christian mediation as an alternative dispute mechanism and addressing issues that affect the public and government. CLASFON has been a reconciling voice in the recent violence motivated by religion and is an advocate against the implementation of Sharia in the northern parts of Nigeria.

CLASFON holds an annual conference, and each of its 13 regional chapters holds special seminars and programs.

The Christian law students fellowship of Nigeria also known as CLASFON is very well organized and a dynamic group that spawns Christian law students every year into the profession.

While CLASFON has a lot going for it, it continues to face challenges common to all national groups, such as inadequate funding and minimal commitment by its members. CLASFON seeks to find new ways of being relevant in helping Nigeria. (Estimated members: 2,000+)

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