Liberia was established as an independent state by freed slaves from America in 1847. For more than 130 years from its founding, politics were dominated by the small minority of the population descended from these original settlers, known as the Americo-Liberians while the indigenous groups where left out. This minority rule could be said to be one of the causes of the civil war which tore the country apart for my years.

Since 1999 AI had developed contacts in Liberia. In 2004, our main contact then, Othello Payman and some lawyers got together to start the Liberian Christian lawyers Network (LCLN). The fellowship did not last long due to many reasons including the instability and insecurity caused by the civil war in the country.

AI’s Liaison visited Liberia in early 2007 to encourage the members and to share the AI and AA vision.

Presently, the Christian Lawyers in Liberia is led by Judge James Jones, a judge of the Debt Court in Monrovia. The fellowship’s members are currently involved in resolving disputes and providing legal aid to the less privileged. The Fellowship is also building a strong student fellowship to further strengthen their presence in the country.

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