The Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Ghana is led by Emmanuel S. Goka and 4 other executive members. The main chapter is located in the capital of Accra, but there are members scattered throughout the country. There is a student chapter located in Accra as well. Fellowship activities include prayer meetings, workshops, Bible studies and outreaches. The students meet every Wednesday during lunch while the lawyers have a prayer meeting fortnightly. Workshops and Bible studies are held on the first Thursday of every month.

Recent stories from Ghana:

1) Helped a widow to obtain one house out of her deceased husband's estate of 5 houses after she had been driven out on the death of husband.

2) Advised and helped a widow not to yield to the sexual demands of a successor to the husband's estate who had threatened to disinherit her if she failed to yield.

3) Provided advice to abused women on their social, economic, and human rights.

4) Provided timely advice and took action to prevent a Christian NGO from been duped out of tens of thousands of dollars invested in the purchase of property.

5) Feted and advised inmates of a Borstal institution about their legal rights and the need to lead morally upright lives. (Estimated members: 150)

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