Democratic Republic of Congo

Jean-Alain Kasonga presently coordinates the Christian lawyer group in DRC, but they are not yet legally registered. CLF/DRC had the largest contingent of magistrates and judges at the 2005 Advocates Africa conference. There is no doubt that CLF/DRC has great potential. AI’s Africa Liaison visited the DRC in October/ November 2007 to encourage, enable and equip the leaders. (Estimated members: 35).


CLS/DRC, through its impressive membership of senior Magistrates and Judges embarked on several projects in the area of access to justice, legal aid and community legal empowerment programmes amongst women in the community.


Despite the instability in the region and abuses of human rights; CLS/DRC is working hard in playing their part to reconcile the nation and bring an end to the injustices caused by the civil war.


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