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Justice Rose Mbah Acha leads Advocates Cameroon. The main fellowship activities are held in Douala. Recently, the fellowship opened another chapter in Yaounde, the capital city, which is predominantly French speaking. Main fellowship activities include legal aid and anti-corruption campaigns. The organization needs financial assistance in order to run their program and execute legal aid projects. (Estimated members: 40)

Cameroon's human rights record has been poor but has improved recently. NGOs and the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture have highlighted extra-judicial executions, protracted detention without trial, torture of detainees and appalling prison conditions in recent years. In some rare cases the victims are political activists, but in many cases they are victims of racketeering by the security forces. It is probably fair to say that the number of cases highlighted has declined in the last 5 years.

AI Global Council member and Advocates Africa Board member, Justice Rose MBAH ACHA was given a three-month assignment to lead a national commission to translate the bulk of Cameroon’s laws from French to English.  Advocates Cameroon is engaged in the battle against corruption in the legal system and society.  Several high ranking officials have been arrested recently for embezzlement.  Justice Rose chairs the Board at her church and serves on the national Board of Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of 500,000 members.

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