June 20, 2010 Advocates' Peace in the Land Project Advances in Uganda and Starts in the Congo


An Advocates International Advocacy Briefing           
July 20, 2010
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Dickson Ogwang

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A member of the  Lango tribe of northern Uganda, Dickson Ogwang grew up in extreme poverty.  During his childhood, he narrowly survived violent land conflicts between clans,  military attacks by Idi Amin's forces, and later by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), in which many others died or were abducted. 

While a military policeman, his integrity in a political corruption case resulted in a contract on his life by a politician against whom he testified.  His response was to confront, forgive and be reconciled to that person - who is now his friend!

As a leader in military ministry, Dickson graduated at the top of his legal courses while serving on active duty.  The government, therefore. sent him to law school.  As a public prosecutor, he established himself as an attorney who finds ways to settle cases restoratively in a just and equitable  manner.

As Dickson became more interested in how peace & reconciliation could be best mediated through the law but practiced within a community-based organization , he was trained in the use of principles of Christian conciliation to restore relationships and resolve disputes over material issues. 

In 2006, inspired by the training he had received from Peacemaker Ministries, Dickson founded Peace & Reconciliation Ministries (PRMA)  in Africa to provide the community-based conflict coaching, mediation and arbitration services needed in Africa, starting with post-conflict nations like Uganda, Liberia and the Congo.

In 2007, AI began partnering with Advocates Africa and  PRMA through our Peace & Reconciliation Task Force.  Through this collaboration and thanks to Dickson's leadership working in Uganda, Kenya, Liberia and now the Congo, more than 400 pastors, lawyers, law students, jurists and tribal cultural leaders have been trained to successfully resolve land and other forms of conflict out of court.

An elder in his church, Dickson is married to his beloved Jennifer, with whom he is joyfully raising three wonderful children, Daphne, Faith and David.

Thanks for keeping Dickson, Advocates Africa and PRMA in your prayers as they work for peace and reconciliation in Africa.

  Advocates' Peace in the Land Project  Advances in Uganda and Starts in the Congo

Advocate Dickson Ogwang Teaching Peacemaking Skills
Dickson Ogwang Peacemaking

After more than 25 years of civil war, a time for restoration and peacemaking is coming to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda. This Wednesday, July 21, AI's Sam Casey will be joining am international  peace and reconciliation team for a three week trip around the North Kivu Province of the DRC and Northern Uganda to teach lawyers, law students and other community leaders how to use Christian conciliation to lawfully and relationally resolve the endemic land use and ownership conflict at the root of the violence in both countries. He will also be assisting in conflict coaching and mediating actual land disputes in cooperation with AI's partner ministry, Peace & Reconciliation Ministries in Africa

(PRMA) that is headed up by advocate Dickson Ogwang (see sidebar), the co-chair of AI's Peace & Reconciliation Task Force.  Specific activities include: teaching at the 2nd Annual 'Peace in the Land' Training Conference for land conciliators in Lira,  Uganda, meeting with Juvenile Justice Workers in Kampala, Uganda, and teaching at the Peace and Reconciliation Conference for Peacemakers from the DRC, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.
Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated. The entire cost of the three-week mission is $15,000, including scholarship assistance for those being trained. Since $11,500 has already been raised or pledged, we need only raise an additional  $3500.  Please make your checks payable to "Advocates International" and send your contribution to the headquarters address set forth in the footer below; or you may securely and more conveniently contribute on line though our web site at  by simply clicking the
"Donate" icon here or below.  Thank you.

Please pray for guidance and wisdom for the entire team, including Sam, as well as  for teachable, peaceful hearts in those with whom he will be working. To help you better understand the entire mission and pray daily or more specifically for the success of the mission, please click

here to use or download our AI Peace in the Land DRC - Uganda Prayer Calendar.
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For justice with compassion,

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