Advocates Springs into Action on a Number of Fronts

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Vol. 2, Issue 4                                                                                             April 2010

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 AI Announces its "Arm the Advocates"2010 (15%) Project and Hires David B. Waxman as the Project's First Staff Counsel
In order to support the advocacy work of its advocates all over the world while at the same time training our next generation of human rights advocates,  AI has commenced its Arm the Advocates Project  with the five-year goal of recruiting and training, in five one-year fellowships, 5 Project staff lawyers and 60 volunteer law students (earning up to 3 credit hours per semester), annually generating 3900 legal service hours that would otherwise not be available for the defense of life, liberty, the family, rule of law and access to justice for the poor and needy. Please keep Bart and his team of law student researchers in your prayers as they work to help our advocates around the world.


   Latcho Popov 2 Advocates Europe President Latcho Popov Assists the Religious Liberty Partnership Draft its Cyprus Statement on Nigeria
Representing Advocates International at the recent meeting of the Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) in Larnaka, Cyprus,  Advocates Europe President, Latcho Popov, participated in drafting RLP's "Cyprus Statement" calling for prayers and support for the victims of murder and violence in Jos , Nigeria and justice for all the perpetrators.
Prayers & Praises
A global chronicle of our advocates prayers & praises 

        Pray for Justice with Compassion for Nigeria
AI joins the world community calling for prayer, a full investigation and prosecution of all the perpetrators who without provocation have murdered or seriously injured hundreds of Christian Nigerians in the Jos area of Plateau State, Nigeria.

Isaiah 5:7, 20-24 (NKJV)
7 ....[The LORD] looked for justice, but behold, oppression; For righteousness, but behold, a cry for help....
20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

Pray for Unity and Vision for the European Religious Liberty Forum

Pray for unity and vision next week in Istanbul, where AI's General Counsel, Sam Casey, joins attorneys and human rights activists from all of over Europe and Central Asia to discuss how best to protect and advance religious freedom  in the face of religious persecution, governmental discrimination and sectarian conflict.


AdvAI Prayer Logo (50%)ocates Calls for  Prayer Around the World  

Advocates Founder and President, Sam Ericsson, is asking advocates all over the world to share three prayer requests: (1) the names of one judge or justice; one lawyer or advocate; and one law student that

needs our prayers in 2010;  2) the greatest need facing believers in their country in 2010, perhaps a rule of law or religious freedom challenge; and 3) a personal need in your life, your family or your job. E-mail Sam and let him know how we can pray for you.


Let Us Know Your Needs

Advocates' international prayer & praise correspondent,  Bulgarian human rights attorney Diana Daskolova  reminds all advocates to  e-mail AI Prayer Net  your Advocates International prayer requests for inclusion in the next

AI Prayer Calendar.


The entire Advocates Africa team thanks you for your prayers.  For inclusion in the next Advocates Africa Prayer Calender.  Please send any items of prayer or praise to  Alison Diarra at Thank you.

Advocates Spring into Action on a Number of Fronts

       Since our last update, we have been active globally, working for life, liberty and the rule of law, particularly in Haiti, Latin America, North America and Europe.  These events, some of which are covered in this AI Update, serve to highlight the global impact of AI's unique network.  AI's mission for justice with compassion would not be possible without your prayers, financial support and voluntary help.  All are invited to join us in our advocacy efforts.  We wish you all a blessed Easter celebration.  HE IS RISEN INDEED! ....(more good news!)

For Justice with Compassion,

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Sam 1 & 2
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AI Joins the Religious Liberty Partnership and CLASFON  in Working to End Sectarian Violence in NigeriaFind Gao Zhiseng
      On the night of March 7, 2010, villages in the vicinity of the Nigerian city of Jos became the scenes of an unprovoked massacre that claimed the lives of an estimated 500 Christians who rushed from their burning homes into the waiting hands of a Muslim mob armed with crude weapons. In the face of this tragedy, AI has joined with a global coalition of religious liberty defenders, The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP), issuing a press release and a formal statement decrying the massacre and setting forth a number of  recommendations to end the sectarian violence.

      In furtherance of some the recommendations set forth in the RLP Statement,  AI has joined with CLASFON - The Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria - to begin the Justice for Jos Project. As detailed by Congressmen Trent Franks and Joseph Pitts in their March 25 letter to Nigeria's Foreign Affairs Secretary, Jos has too often been the scene of this sort of sectarian violence due to its location on the fault line between the Muslim north and the Christian south. Again and again, the area has erupted but this time is different, because this time, for the first time, the perpetrators of this atrocity are in legal custody. This means AI's special counsel for this project, Emmanuel Ogebe, a Nigerian lawyer who was born in Jos, along with his team of CLASFON lawyers, has the unique opportunity to challenge the culture of impunity which has been a direct contributor to the continuing violence of the area.

In addition the Justice for Jos Project will:
  • Provide immediate help for displaced families and survivors as well as seek to create early warning alert systems in the communities.
  • Work with local businesses and missionaries to create economic empowerment projects to engage Christian and Muslim youth in gainful employment that will keep them out of trouble and build bridges of commonality
  • Monitor the performance of the legal system to ensure all perpetrators are brought to justice.

To read more about AI and RLP's efforts and the Justice for Jos Project click here.


AI Asks DC Federal Court  of Appeals to Uphold Law Prohibiting Federal  Government Funding  for Destructive Embryonic Stem Cell  Research

Next week, AI advocate, Thomas Hungar,  will present oral argument asking the DC Federal Court of Appeals to uphold the law prohibiting government funding for destructive human embryo research.  For more information, see the AI Press Release


 AI Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Students Rights of Freedom of Expression, Association and Religious Free Exercise.

Supreme CourtUSSC will hear oral argument on April 19 and then likely decide by July 1 whether a state non-discrimination policy constitutes a discriminatory and unconstitutional deprivation of law students rights of free expression, religion and association

AI  wrote its "friend of the Court" brief in this case to inform the Court that this case presents an issue of common concern to people all over the world who, like the Christian law students in this case, face growing state denials or impermissible conditions perniciously designed to muzzle the exercise of their freedoms of speech, association and religion in cases analogous to the instant case where private religious fellowships who otherwise pose no threat to public health or safety are discriminatorily denied registration or recognition because of their disfavored religious beliefs, ideals or commitments. For more details see AI's Press Release.


AI Assists Haitian Orphans to Get the Medical Help they Need Following Devastating Earthquake

Martine in Haiti
In the wake of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January,  AI was asked  for its legal counsel to establish an expedited means to lawfully establish a medical parole procedure between the Haitian and American governments, involving the enabling guardians and receiving medical facilities, to allow severely injured  Haitian orphans with no current prospect for adoption to temporarily come to the USA for urgently needed medical care and then return to Haiti when they are well enough to do so.

In response, AI staff counsel Bart Waxman answered the call and is now in Haiti where, working with Mission of Hope,  he has already helped two needy orphans go to the US and get the medical care they need.  For Bart's heart-warming report, click here.


Thank You for Your Financial Support


        AI is not a recipient of government funding and is solely dependent upon the financial contributions of those who believe in its mission, thereby enabling it to serve "clients" ranging from heads of state seeking to implement constitutional reforms to persecuted and imprisoned believers sentenced to death for their faith. We are most grateful and thank you for whatever financial support or voluntary service you can provide in support of AI's mission. Here's how you can help: (more)