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Advocates Africa Conference

Never Forsaking the Meeting Together...

Medical and Legal Professionals Urge HHS to Enforce the Law as Obama Administration Poised to Rescind Conscience Protection

WASHINGTON, DC — Representing a coalition of medical and legal professionals, attorneys for Advocates International (AI) and the Christian Legal Society (CLS) today warned

March 9, 2009 President Obama Kills Ban on Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research And a Few Other Good Things, As Well

Washington, DCAdvocates International expressed its dismay and astonishment today that President Obama not only ordered the NATIONAL INSTITUTES FOR HEALTH (NIH) to revoke and reverse the ethical administration policy established in 2001 and begin for the first time using federal tax dollars to encourage researchers to destroy living human embryos for stem cell research in violation of existing federal law, but, without explanation, also revoked the previous administration’s

February 3, 2009 Women and Medical Professionals Intervene in Federal Case to Protect the Right to Conscience

HARTFORD, CT. —Representing Concerned Women for America, America’s largest women’s advocacy group and four other groups of pro-life medical professionals, attorneys with Advocates International filed a motion to intervene yesterday in three lawsuits commenced on January 15 that seek to invalidate a federal law protecting medical professionals from discrimination because they refuse to participate in abortions.

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