Message from Mats and Jennifer Tunehag Thursday, September 17

Mats Tunehag (Sweden), member of the Global Council of Advocates International, has willingly shared with us the latest update from his wife, Jennifer Tunehag, on her international work engaged against prostitution and human trafficking, developing international partnerships of churches and organisations and serving victims of prostitution and human trafficking. Jennifer’s report is focused on her work in Ukraine. The whole text of the update is available upon request to those of you interested. At the end of her message, Jennifer writes:
“Would you pray with us, and for us? As I invite you to pray, I also want to make you aware of a wonderful initiative of the Salvation Army. While we are in Kiev challenging and equipping churches there, YOUR church can be part of the International Weekend of Prayer and Fasting for Victims of Sexual Trafficking (September 25-27)! Their website offers some excellent resources to direct or enrich your prayer time.”