Advocates Asia Prayer Calendar - Israel Saturday, September 19

Gregory Vijayendran continues with the following news from Israel:

“From Charisma News Online comes the following report: A Messianic congregation is suing the chief rabbi of Beersheba, Israel, and a Jewish anti-missionary organization for damages incurred during a riot that lasted more than three hours and interrupted regular Sabbath services on the premises of the congregation. On Dec. 24, 2005, hundreds of Orthodox Jews forced their way onto the property of Nachalat Yeshua ("Jesus' Inheritance"), throwing chairs, equipment and punches at some worshipers. Police testified to arriving on the scene shortly after the riot began, witnessing the violence and arresting some of the rioters. But authorities never filed charges against the perpetrators, and the incident seemed set to go away. So leaders of Nachalat Yeshua, led by pastor Howard Bass, sued the men accused of organizing the riot, which was the second attack against the congregation in seven years… Attacks against believers have escalated in recent years, culminating with a bomb disguised as a gift package that nearly killed Amiel Ortiz in the northern town of Ariel last year. No arrests have been made in that case, which is still under investigation… The case will continue Nov. 23 in Beersheba Magistrate's Court. The judge then has a month to render a verdict. Nachalat Yeshua is one of about half a dozen congregations in the southern Negev city. It supports organizations that feed the hungry and helps the poor in the region. Advocates Asia’s Marvin Kramer is the lawyer having conduct of this case (he shared about the same in the AA Conference 2006).