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Join Advocates International as We Ask Pakistan to Protect its Persecuted Minorities Today—

Advocates International Calls for the End of Vigilante Violence and Religious Persecution in Pakistan Caused by Blasphemy and other so-called “Defamation of Religion” Laws that Violate International Human Rights Norms

      The basic human right to freedom of expression, association and religious free exercise is increasingly under threat as countries introduce and enforce laws that have been wrongfully legitimized by numerous United Nations resolutions on "defamation of religions."  The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has lead the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) efforts within United Nations bodies to pass these resolutions, and have pointed to its own criminal Blasphemy laws set forth in Article XV of its Penal Code as an example of how to treat the defamation of religion.  This same Blasphemy law has been pointed to as a root cause of four serious and violent attacks upon the Christian community within the past three months. 

      On July 30 and August 1, two brutal mobs attacked the Christian communities of Gojra and Korian Villages in Faisalabad on the grounds of blasphemy which attackers have left at least 14 dead, approximately 100 Christian homes burned, and much unrest in Pakistan.  The violent events of this past week, even condemned by the OIC itself, further illuminate the impossibility of implementing a defamation of religions resolution without serious repercussions against religious groups and violations of free speech and expression.  Muslims in Pakistan have also been victimized by the blasphemy law, and in larger numbers then the minorities.

      Our Call to Action

      Advocates International is calling on our advocates for religious freedom in countries around the world need to call upon their governments to oppose the OIC “defamation of religion” resolutions at the United Nations Human Rights Counsel and General Assembly and vote “no.”  Our advocates also need to write the Pakistani embassies in their respective countries, calling for improved security measures for the Christian minorities and abolishment of the blasphemy law, Pakistan Penal Code Sections 295(b) and (c).

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